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Together we’ll make more informed and effective financial decisions so you can feel more confident. We want to empower you to retire when you want, and live the lifestyle you’ve earned.


Depend on us to prepare for the unknown

Upper Left creates your comprehensive plan. Alongside our careful analysis of risk and return, we help you understand the odds and assess all the details. We have clear strategies and proven methodology, understanding which levers we need to pull based on the different ups and downs of life. Which choices to consider. We provide you with the plan to withstand the inevitable global surprises.

Face the future with confidence

We customize a Withdrawal Manifesto for each of our clients. This means having a roadmap for how we’ll withdraw and invest assets. Preparation and education are key to a successful retirement. Upper Left’s planning services incorporate a detailed cash flow forecast, including all inflows, projected spending outflows, taxes and asset growth. We’ll determine which accounts we’ll be withdrawing money from and why, tax-aware strategies, and how to best make things seamless for you.


A plan for the people who matter

Let’s make sure your loved ones are protected by addressing issues and opportunities involved with passing your assets down to the next generation. Together we’ll work through all the aspects of your estate planning needs. We’ll look at questions like:


  • How will your assets pass to your heirs? Do your heirs require privacy?

  • Do you need to protect your heirs by maintaining some control over the passing of assets?

  • Do you want to protect your heirs assets from an unforeseen future divorce or lawsuit?

  • Should your assets be in trusts? Should any of your beneficiaries be trusts themselves?

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