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Our partnership is designed to foster informed and effective financial decisions, enhancing your confidence and empowering you to retire on your terms and enjoy the lifestyle you've rightfully earned.


Cash Flow Forecasting:

       Are you on pace? How on pace? What happens to the forecast if you want to spend more?

       What factors in the future contribute to this?

       How will we monitor this while incorporating Guardrails?

       How does selling real estate factor in?

       How do different social security claiming strategies impact your future?

Tax Minimization:

       We will forecast your tax details over time to fully understand what the major drivers are.

       Will we be donating via Qualified Charitable Distributions?

       Roth conversions or backdoor Roth contributions? Of course, with an eye on IRMAA and Medicare surcharges.

       Annual gifting to your kids?

Estate Planning:

       Do you have an estate plan?

       We will review your trust and/or will, and ensure that your assets and plan meet your objectives.

       Tax planning with the next generation in mind.

And so much more. Interested in our service? Let's chat.


Financial Planning


We develop a personalized Withdrawal Manifesto for each client, outlining a clear strategy for asset withdrawal and investment. Which accounts should you withdraw from, when and why? Preparation and knowledge are the cornerstones of a successful retirement plan, we clarify which accounts to draw from and the rationale, employing tax-efficient strategies to streamline the process for you. The goal is for you to feel confident that a sound plan is in place, so you can focus on enjoying the life you have earned.


Ensuring your loved ones are cared for involves more than just asset distribution; it's about crafting a legacy. We navigate the complexities of estate planning together, addressing how assets will transfer, the need for privacy, the protection of heirs from potential future challenges, and the strategic use of trusts. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition of your legacy to the next generation, aligning with your wishes and safeguarding their future.

Estate Planning
Financial Guidance


Upper Left is dedicated to enhancing your financial success through insightful decision-making. We engage in comprehensive discussions to optimize your liquidity and flexibility, charting a path that aligns with your financial objectives and lifestyle aspirations. Through strategic planning and risk assessment, we aim to enhance your confidence in your financial future, quantifying success probabilities and making informed choices to secure your desired lifestyle. The goal is for you to feel comfortable while spending in retirement. 

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