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We don't have a crystal ball. We don't try to predict or time the market. We focus on a repeatable, data-driven process to create robust, globally diverse portfolios. Developed to reduce risk, our process aims to improve your odds of success and dampen the ups and downs of the market. 

3 portfolios


Conservative PORTFOLIO

A plan for bear markets.

In the world of investing, downturns are inevitable, akin to the natural ebb and flow of the tides. The key to navigating these choppy waters isn't to outpace every wave but to ensure your ship remains afloat through all seasons. This is where our Conservative Portfolio comes into play, acting as your financial lifeboat, designed to preserve your purchasing power even as the market storms rage around you.

Allocating one to four years of anticipated withdrawals into this portfolio is akin to stocking up your pantry for winter, long before the first frost sets in. It’s about having the foresight to protect your lifestyle against the need to sell when prices are down, thereby avoiding the trap of short-term market fluctuations.

In essence, invest with the future in mind, understanding that the best defense against market volatility is a well-prepared offense. It's not just about surviving bear markets; it's about emerging on the other side, unscathed and with your financial goals intact.



Your money working for you over time.

This is the foundation of our practice. The Core Portfolio stands at the heart of your investment strategy, embodying the principal component of your financial assets. Its foundational principle is global diversification, aimed at minimizing risk without compromising returns. Our philosophy is centered on adopting only as much risk as is essential for achieving your financial goals.

Inspired by a Nobel Prize-winning framework, the Core Portfolio seeks to emulate the Tangency Portfolio from Modern Portfolio Theory, balancing optimal risk and return characteristics. By eliminating speculation, the Core Portfolio is grounded in robust mathematical and financial principles. This strategic approach has garnered recognition, including a feature in Forbes.

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Take more risk with your money.

Aggressive escalates your investment approach by adopting a more assertive stance in the allocation of assets, accentuating the  overweighting and underweighting of investments based on their valuations. Although this portfolio adopts a bolder strategy, it's important to note that our Core and Conservative portfolios sufficiently address the needs of most clients.

Investing in the Aggressive Portfolio is particularly suited to two distinct investor profiles. The first profile includes individuals who possess ample financial resources beyond their essential needs and are interested in allocating a portion of their wealth to higher-risk investments. The second profile consists of investors whose current assets are unlikely to fulfill their long-term financial objectives, necessitating a higher risk to potentially enhance their financial growth. Upper Left is committed to advising the first type of investor, focusing on those who seek to diversify with calculated risk for potential higher returns while maintaining a solid financial foundation.

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